How Antique Book Appraisal Works

Photos Are Important

We need to see the book! When you send us your photos please include at least 5 pictures. We need to see the cover, inside front, the spine, the back cover and most importantly the page that has the publish date. Any other photos you think are important you can include them as well. Make sure they are a clear, full color and quality .jpeg. 

We Appraise!

Once the photos have been received give us 4-5 business days to respond to your e-mail. Make sure to check your spam, you wouldn't want to miss out on the find of a lifetime.

A New Chapter Begins

In your e-mail, we will include information about the book you may not know from the antique book appraisal process. This may be when it was published, if it was limited/special edition, age etc. And don't worry, we will include it's price. With this information you may use it as you like! Want to sell it on your own site?  Get the POB stamp of approval and appraisal to use if you want to resell a book you have. All we ask is if we don't have that book on file we keep some info and photos as a reference for our catalog. By sending us the email you are agreeing to the terms of agreement.  If we really like your book, expect an offer! We want to acquire as many special books as possible. We will send you a shipping label in the email should you choose to sell to us. Upon receipt and inspection your payment will be sent via PayPal.