Feed a Hungry Person Today, and Help Heal Our World!

There are so many people and animals that are hungry, cold and homeless right this very moment. There are any number of reasons why these people ended up without a home. While some of the reasons may stem from making poor choices in life, many homeless people have fallen victim of the struggling economy, or lost a job, had a medical crisis and/or are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder after serving our country in war. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that thousands upon thousands of people are without a home or a meal each and every day.

I believe that paying kindness forward is essential to healing our world. Even people in prisons are fed, and receive housing. Feeding the hungry people in our own communities is the right thing to do! You can make a difference!

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.”
― Mother Teresa


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Living Free

Each moment, and each breath we take, is such a sacred gift! We sometimes rush through our days barely slowing down long enough to take notice of the beauty that surrounds us!

Yesterday, my daughter and I drove up into the gorgeous Oregon Cascade mountains to spend time deeply immersed in nature’s radiant beauty!
It would have been so easy for me to stay home and spend time unpacking boxes from my recent move, yet, I knew inside my soul that I needed to let go, and go live!

Our life is so beautiful when we slow down, breathe deeply, and open our eyes and hearts to what is right in front of us! Nature is calling to you!

Glorious Mountains!

Glorious Mountains!

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Attitude of Gratitude!!

Our life is a precious gift. So much of the time we are too quick to take our life and our loves for granted. We just don’t know when God will be calling us home, and so therefore, the importance of living our lives with our hearts wrapped around each and every second of the day is imperative!
An attitude of gratitude is a seed that will grow only goodness, abundance and love!!white rose

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Creating Goodness

Love, peace and light

Love Heals!

Our life reflects our inner Self. If our inner being is full of resentment, anger and sadness we then create a story that replicates this inner discord. If our inner Self radiates kindness, love, compassion and joy then in turn our life reflects this goodness. We create goodness through recognizing our own innate goodness.

Each morning we are blessed to begin a new chapter of our life. We cannot control what other people do but we can control our own thoughts, words and actions. We can choose to focus on empowering thoughts and actions so that we can create goodness throughout our day not only for ourselves but also goodness for all the people we encounter throughout our day.

Positive words and actions have a profound impact on our entire planet. The light dispels the darkness and therefore it is imperative that we make an effort to redirect our thoughts from negative to positive immediately. What ever we focus on takes root inside our hearts and our psyche. If we choose to see the best in ourselves and also the best in others we help to negate the destructive thoughts and reinforce the positive thoughts! We are the captains of our life and we can steer our ships into beautiful peaceful ocean waters or we can sail into stormy seas! Our life is our canvas.

Each morning when we awake we can use powerful and positive simple affirmations to help seed our day with goodness and love.
Please see the goodness within yourself and help others to see the goodness within them. Each simple act of loving kindness multiples and gives birth to thousands more. It is up to us to save humanity!

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The Crumbs of my Mind

Snowy December Day

Heart and Snow

This morning while cleaning out my silverware drawer I was blessed with an epiphany about the mind. I keep my house pretty clean, especially my kitchen and bathroom, but when I opened my utensil drawer I was taken back by the amount of crumbs that had magically accumulated in the fork, knife and spoon slots. This epiphany awakened an awareness and a correlation between the crumbs and my own thoughts. We are so accustomed to the daily barrage of our reckless thought patterns that we rarely take notice unless we make a concerted effort to clean the house of our mind. Our thoughts are much like crumbs, falling into the abyss of the soup of our thoughts until one day we are forced to pay attention to where we allow our mind to wander because our mind is molding our day, and essentially our mind is in control of our life.

It is difficult these days to redirect our thoughts in a positive direction given all the negative news about the economy and the hysteria of the end of the world and on and on. It we give permission to our mind to meander down the perilous path of doom and gloom our life will follow suit. However, if we redirect our mind and therefore our thoughts to what we are grateful for we immediately are blessed with the richness of the moment. This morning I sat down and glanced out my window to witness our resident squirrel racing about in utter joy because I had refilled our bird and squirrel feeder this morning. Watching this sweet animal literally jump in the air and bounce about with such happiness allowed me to engage fully in the here and now and not waste my thoughts on unnecessary hopelessness or fear.

Our mind requires daily housecleaning in order to operate at a higher productive level! My mind is being directed toward gratitude today.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Happy December!

First Divine Snow

First Snow

My week is a bit of a challenge at this point, yet I am trying to kindly laugh at the leaves of maya that appear to be falling all around me. I can either play in the leaves or curse at them!

I know people will always continue to disappoint me, shock me, hurt me, and betray me as long as I have any expectations of another human being. We are all human, and we all make mistakes, or we feel under the weather, are sad or weak at times; but we also have the ability to rise above all of our human short comings and dissolve the negativity through our own positive outlook and positive action.

More and more I realize that Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Aggreements is right on! Another persons actions and/or unkind words is merely a reflection of who they are what they are experiencing and this has little to do with us. We should not take anything personally (much easier said than done!).

The world is spinning through uncertain times (causing much stress) and reeling with intense energy. The more centered I become through my own power of thought redirected, the less the world and other’s opinions trouble me. I am so far from perfect, yet I am diligently striving to be unaffected by the world and others, while at the same time immersing myself in love, kindness, compassion and selfless service. I may not reach my goal in this lifetime but I am doing my best to be my best just like you are and so many others are as well.

God and Love created our marvelous, beautiful Universe, so how can we ever really fail? We are made of Love.

Happy December! Live, laugh and love as much as you can!

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Love, kindness, compassion

A Christmas Heart

I am grateful for absolutely everything, even the challenges in life because without the challenges and the difficult tests I would never grow and transform. Most of all I am whole heartily grateful for love, family and friends.

If we take a moment and look over our life I am certain we can count thousands, maybe millions of blessings since the time we were born. The tests may have been big too, but thank God for the “tests” and the potholes along the path of life because those ‘trips’ in the road have helped us to form into more loving, selfless and kind people. If life was always easy you would never appreciate life the way you do when you have endured difficult times.

I am so grateful to be alive today. I am so grateful to have another opportunity to breathe this wonderful air, and to hug my children another day, to eat delicious healthy food and to feed the birds, pet my cat, walk in nature, smile at ‘strangers’ (really there are no strangers because we are all One!), and to love love love with all my heart!

Wishing you a most wondrous week filled with the blessings of Christmas Love!! ♥

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Wear Love Today!

Divine Ocean

Ocean of Love

There is so much to be grateful for today. Look around you, what do you see? There are thousands of blessings in each direction. Sometimes we overlook the most important blessings because they cannot be seen by the human eye, they can only be felt through the heart.

If God were to take you home today, would you have any regrets? Regrets of not calling someone you miss? Regrets of not repairing an old relationship that for what ever reason was left in discord? Bringing closure to old hurts and pains is imperative for true forgiveness to heal everyone. Without forgiveness love cannot truly exist. Love is free of judgement, regret, resentment and anger. Let it all go and take a step forward with loving kindness.

We all take one another for granted, so much more than we realize. It is only by God’s grace that we are even alive today.
I know if I were to die today I would miss my children, family and friends more than words could ever say. This is why I know it is essential we make the effort to be the loving force in our relationships and in our world. Our own light is powerful.

Wear love today, you can’t go wrong with love ♥

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The Quiet of Morning

Morning Ocean Birds

The Quiet of the Morning Surf

The quiet subtly of the moment is all we have. There is so much divine energy within this moment that passes so fluidly that we must be aware and “present” to fully taste the beauty. Each moment passes so quickly therefore we must live, love and “Be” all we can while we can.
Sitting in my peaceful living room, listening to my wall clock tick, tock, all the while I can see the doves and quail in my back yard feeding on the bird seed I left for them yesterday. My sons are sleeping in this morning so the house is very quiet yet very full of life and radiant energy.

These moments give rise to the grand miracle of life itself. Our life is such a precious gift and each moment is a rare unique opportunity for transformation and love.

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